What is pediatrics?

Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that involves infants, children, and adolescents. Children at different stages of life require different examinations. Newborns up until the age of 2 generally see their pediatrician several times a year to monitor health, development, and growth. After 2 and until 5, visits are considered “well child visits.” From the age of 5 and beyond, your child will only need annual checkups, unless they have a health issue or ongoing illness.

Children should regularly visit their primary caregiver for pediatric care. As children grow, their bodies change dramatically. It’s important to keep up with regular visits to ensure your child is developing at a normal rate. Your provider can also spot any abnormalities in a child’s development or growth. At B You Body and Skin Care Solutions, we provide pediatric care to our younger patients.

What does pediatric care consist of?

Pediatric examinations differ depending upon the age of the child. Generally, a pediatric examination for younger children (infants to grade school) consists of: physical examinations, childhood vaccinations, growth and developmental milestones, diagnosis and treatment of any illnesses or health problems, and referrals to specialists (if needed).

What does a teen pediatric visit consist of?

Generally, a visit from the age of 13-18 is considered a teen visit. Providers will routinely monitor your child’s physical, mental, and social development. Additionally, teens will be educated on sexual health and unhealthy lifestyle choices. If your teen is sexually active, pregnancy tests and STI screenings may be required.

How do you prepare for a pediatric exam?

Monitor your child closely and be ready to address any concerns you have about your child’s health or development with the provider. Additionally, if there are any medications or if there is any medical history that the provider does not already have on file, please make them aware of this new information.

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