What is an adult health exam?

As we reach adulthood, it may seem unnecessary to keep up with the annual adult heath exams. Some adults think that if nothing is bothering them, then there is no reason to come in for a checkup. However, annual health exams are absolutely vital to your overall health and wellness. Attending your annual exam will ensure you are in peak physical condition and allow your provider early detection of any underlying health problems. At B You Body and Skin Care Solutions, we offer annual adult health exams for our patients.

An adult health exam, also known as an annual physical, is a yearly examination performed to assess your overall wellness and health. The actual procedures that take place during the exam vary from patient to patient, depending upon medical history, concerns, gender, and age. The older an individual gets, the more extensive exams can become.

What takes place during a health exam?

As we mentioned, adult health exam procedures vary from patient to patient. Generally, height, weight and blood pressure are recorded. Your provider will also listen to your heart and lungs, check your eyes and ears, and test your reflexes. They will also gather an extensive medical and family history to identify what health conditions you may be at risk for.

What should women expect during a health exam?

Health exams for women vary depending upon their age, medical, and sexual history. Generally, height, weight, and blood pressure are taken. A Pap smear and breast exam may be performed. Additionally, a patient may need STD screenings, a pregnancy test, blood tests, and other procedures that are recommended by the provider. Later in life, women will also begin mammogram screenings.

What can men expect during a health exam?

During a wellness exam for men, the provider will take vitals, medical, and sexual history. Vaccinations may also be offered. Genitalia and other parts of the body may be examined for abnormalities. After a certain age, prostate examinations will be required.

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