Which minor procedures does B You Body and Skin Care Solutions provide?

At B You Body and Skin Care Solutions, our skilled staff treats and assists our patients with many different minor procedures. From medical therapy treatments, to injections, and biopsies, our expert providers can assist you with your minor medical needs. The minor procedures we perform at Mageta Family Medical Clinic include: cryotherapy, lesion excisions, laceration sutures, removal of sutures/staples, dressing changes, biopsies, steroid injections, incision and drainage, and ingrown toenail removal.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy uses near-freezing temperatures to treat many conditions and ailments that plague the human body. These include: inflammation, fatigue, insomnia, muscle healing, and pain relief.

What are lesion excisions?

Lesion excisions are the removal of cancerous skin lesions on the body. During a lesion excision, the cancerous lesion and margin (portion of the skin around it) are removed.

What are laceration sutures?

Laceration sutures are a certain method to repair a cut. A laceration is a cut that goes all the way through the skin. Sutures are one form of skin laceration repair. Today, sutures are generally absorbable and absorb in 4-8 weeks. If your sutures require removal, it should be done by a medical professional.

What does removal of sutures/staples entail?

If you have sutures that don’t dissolve or staples that need removal, your provider can perform the procedure. It’s vital to the healing process to have them removed properly and punctually. In addition to removal, your provider can also make sure the area has healed properly and shows no signs of infection.

What are dressing changes?

Dressing changes are performed on a wound during the cleaning process. A dressing is a sterile pad or compress used to cover the wound and keep it clean and healthy while allowing it to heal. Dressings are very important in reducing chances of wound infection. It’s vital to change dressings properly and regularly. Your provider can change your dressing, show you how to do it properly, and check for any infections or abnormalities in the healing process.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is an examination performed on abnormal tissue. The tissue is removed and further examined to determine if there is a disease present. There are several different types of biopsies. Two common ones are: needle and surgical. They are usually performed on abnormal lumps on or under the skin.

What are steroid injections?

Your provider may perform steroid injections to alleviate pain and chronic inflammation. Steroid injections are regularly used to treat the following: rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory diseases, gout, inflamed tendons, and joints that are injured.

What is an incision and drainage procedure?

Incision and drainage is performed when pressure or pus builds up under the skin. Using an antiseptic to sterilize the affected area, an incision is made with a needle or scalpel. Then, the area is allowed to drain naturally. Boils and abscesses are two common ailments that need to be incised and drained.

What are ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails occur when the nail grows into the side or corner of the toe. A very common occurrence, ingrown toenails can cause redness, swelling, and inflammation. Ingrown toenails are usually self-diagnosable and self-treatable. However, if they become infected or are unbearably painful, it is best to visit your provider. We can offer medical treatment and prescribe medications if there is an infection. Additionally, if you suffer from diabetes or other conditions that cause poor circulation, you should visit your provider immediately when an ingrown toenail occurs.

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