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Complete physicals are an essential part of any annual health exam. The purpose is to check your overall health and provide early detection of any underlying illnesses. In some cases, physicals may have certain testing requirements to clear you for school, work, or travel. At B you Body and Skin care Solutions, we offer complete physicals, including driver’s medical RCMP exams.

What is a physical?

A physical, also known as an exam, is the assessment performed during your yearly check-up. Depending upon your gender, age, medical history, and specific needs, different testing may be required. Certain occupations require specific assessments performed by medical professional.

What is performed during a physical for women?

During a woman’s physical, different exams may be performed based on the woman’s age, sexual history, and medical background. Generally, vitals are taken. These include: blood pressure, height, and weight. The provider listens to the heart and lungs, and checks the eyes, ears, and reflexes. A full body exam may be done to search for any abnormalities. The provider may perform a pap smear and a breast exam. If the patient is sexually active, STI tests may be recommended. Additionally, any health or reproductive concerns may be addressed. Depending on when your last blood panels was ordered, a standard or more extensive blood panel may be requested by your physician.

What is performed during a physical for men?

The testing will vary greatly depending upon the age and general risk factors for the individual patient. In addition to taking vitals, a full body examination may be done; including an examination for testicular cancer and possibly, depending upon the man’s age, a prostate exam. Eyes, ears, heart, lungs, and reflexes will all be checked. Depending upon the patient’s sexual activity and specific concerns, additional testing may be recommended.

What is a driver’s medical RCMP exam?

In Canada, if a resident would like to become a RCMP officer, some qualifications and standards apply. RCMP stands for Royal Canadian Mountain Police. The RCMP team must meet certain physical and psychological standards to complete their training. At B you Body and Skin care Solutions, we perform the required medical testing to make sure candidates meet the minimum requirements to become a part of the RCMP team.

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